My thoughts on the TY Bello’s The Morning Songbook

(This is one of my rare public posts so enjoy!)

TY(Toyin) Bello is a multi talented Nigerian. She was in the band KUSH before they went their separate ways. In her own words as stated on her Twitter bio, TY is a ‘photographer.musician.addicted to love!!!!!!’ Her latest album, ‘The Morning Songbook’ came out almost a year ago but I only discovered it recently.

I think the song I was listening to on  Youtube was ‘Funmise’ (Funmise talks about the timing of God and how we cannot run faster than God) I was listening to Funmise for comfort when I was searching frantically for employment but no results, Then this video popped up in my related videos feed

For the first couple of days, I didn’t get past the first two songs ‘Alagbada Ina’ and ‘Dance For You’ because I kept replaying them!! I was obsessed! Then I decided to google the lyrics and I listened to the whole album.

TY uploaded it on soundcloud for free and asked us to share, wow! She’s so generous! So please check out and the lyrics are found here 

I REALLY LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG on this album. The whole album was produced by MOSA ❤

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be “Jesus Jesu” Jesu is the name of Jesus in various languages including the Yoruba language. This song really gets to my heart because I love the mix of Yoruba and English. It really made me so happy! Also the Choir is so heavenly! (It’s okay if you dont understand Yoruba because they just said the same thing in the two languages  “Oruko re ti dun” to means “Your name is too sweet aka Sweetest name I know” The tune and arrangement of this song is perfectly done. I think every lover of good music regardless of their beliefs would really enjoy this song. 10/10

Jesus Jesu
Son of God, Lover of man
Oh, Jesu
All the voices in our land won’t do
They just can’t be enough to say how we love You

“Alagbada Ina” is the first song that I heard from this album and it captivated me.  From the first few lines, I was almost in tears

 ‘ Alagbada Ina
He’s my Father
Dressed in fire
Voice like thunder
But softly, He whispers my name’

Isn’t that so true and so sweet?? This song is so pure and so so so beautiful 10/10

“Dance for You” ♫ ♬I will dance I will dannnceeee ♫ ♬ No matter what this life is playing, I will dance to the rhythm of Your grace♫ ♬. This was the second song that I heard and I couldn’t stop replaying it. I love the lyrics, her voice, the background instruments and vocals, this is song is by angels. 10/10.

“I am” aka “Declarations” – I have no words to describe this song. I am overwhelmed by the beauty and seemingly simple but VERY powerful lyrics. There was also a great background choir toward the end and the instrumentation was perfectly done 10/10

You made me
You made me whole
Remade me
You made me just like You

That is who You say that I am
That is who You say I am…..

So I’ll move these mountains through You
Striding freely in open spaces
Unstoppable in doing as You please

Just because You say that I can
Just because You say that I can Lord

‘Restorer’ this song actually officially featured Mosa so that automatically made it top of my list ❤ The lyrics are so true and went straight for my heart, TY Bello can write beautiful lyrics ❤  Also TY’s voice and Mosa’s voice blend so perfectly together! 9.5/10

“Yahweh” is a sincere song of praise to God, ‘the awesome and mighty God of the earth’ It featured Wale Adenuga. I think it is the oldest and most popular song. I will give it 9/10.

“Thirsty” is a song that is obviously straight from the heart and so pure and beautiful I will rate it 9.5/10

“The name” featuring Fela Durotoye This is not a song per se, Fela talks about The name of Jesus.

“There is a name I know, when it is mentioned, light comes out of darkness, situations change? What is this name……”

“Gates and Doors” Lift up your heads oh ye gates,  Let your King come in This is an upbeat and awesome song of praise, it is a great gem! I give it 9.5/10

The album also featured a spontaneous worship track called “Heaven Touching Earth”

I really hope that you can check out the songs and that you enjoy them like I did!

I am now in full TY Bello mood, hence  I will include a bonus of some of her other songs that I love that are not on this album.

As I mentioned earlier, Funmise is one of my favorites.

I also love Ekundayo! It is about a Nigerian elderly woman is like a Mother Teresa. She takes care of a lot of abandoned babies. Unfortunately, mama Ekundayo is no longer alive. May her soul rest in peace. This song is all kinds of beautiful 

And of course in honor of Nigeria’s Independence day, I will include “The Future aka We are Nigeria” and “Greenland”

and Let’s live together by “Kush’ her former band 

God bless you TY Bello you’re amazing & God bless Nigeria! Happy Independence Day to my dearest Country.

In the words of TY Bello as she sang in her song  “The Future”

We are the future
We are the dream
We are the nation
We are part of this

Yes we are so amazing
That’s the least we shall be
At the heart of the nation changing history

Peace Love and Joy,



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