Mysteries of the heart

Mysteries of the heart by Pauline Genio.
“But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

Talk given at October General Assembly of CFC-Youth Campus Based at SFU Surrey on October 16th, 2015


October 7- Our Lady of the Holy Rosary feast day

The rosary was given to St Dominic as the perfect weapon for the warfare. Mama Mary told him to preach the rosary. That’s how the gospel was preached to the illiterate community. You can be a good Catholic by being devoted to the rosary.

Rosary in Latin means “Garland of Roses”. When ever we pray, we crown Jesus and Mary with heavenly garland of roses. The Rose is the queen of flowers.

How does the rosary form our interior life? It teaches us to pray.

The Rosary is said not with the lips alone, muttering Hail Marys one after the other. That is the way over-pious old men and women rattle them off. —For a Christian, vocal prayer must spring from the heart, so that while the Rosary is said, the mind can enter into contemplation of each one of the mysteries. -St Josemaria Furrow no 477.

The annunciation. Mama Mary is all in! We’re able to immerse ourselves and to offer ourselves to God and purifies our inner life.

A mystery is a truth of the faith. When we begin to reflect on and understand the mysteries, we start to feel it. When we know how Christ lived, his earthly life becomes our guide.

“How can we overcome these obstacles? How can we strengthen our initial resolve, when it begins to seem a heavy burden? Let us take inspiration from the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother. She shows us a wide and open road, which necessarily passes through Jesus.

In order to draw close to God we must take the right road, which is the Sacred Humanity of Christ. This is why I have always advised people to read books on the Lord’s Passion. Such works, which are full of true piety, bring to our minds the Son of God, a Man like ourselves and also true God, who in his flesh loves and suffers to redeem the world.

Take the Holy Rosary, one of the most deeply rooted of Christian devotions. The Church encourages us to contemplate its mysteries. She wants to engrave upon our heart and our imagination, together with Mary’s joy and sorrow and glory, the spellbinding example of Our Lord’s life, in his thirty years of obscurity, his three years of preaching, his ignominious Passion and his glorious Resurrection.

To follow Christ — that is the secret. We must accompany him so closely that we come to live with him, like the first Twelve did; so closely, that we become identified with him. Soon we will be able to say, provided we haven’t put obstacles in the way of grace, that we have put on, have clothed ourselves with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is then reflected in our behaviour, as in a mirror. If the mirror is as it ought to be it will capture Our Saviour’s most lovable face without distorting it or making a caricature of it; and then other people will have an opportunity of admiring him and following him.” St Josemaria, Friends of God 299.   [I referenced the full quote and not just the part Pauline spoke about]


We are creatures of habit. We need to cultivate the right actions to repeat…like praying the rosary.

‘Blessed be the monotony of Hail Marys which purifies the monotony of your sins- St Josemaria

Pray the rosary everyday, give flowers to Jesus everyday because he longs for our hearts. “Give me your heart” Jesus says.

We start to pray for so many things when we pray the rosary. Have these mysteries in your heart, ponder upon them, pray for others.

St Teresa of Avila – those who give themselves to the apostolate(we can think of the rosary here too) strive earnestly for perfection and sanctity, for only thus can they give God souls.

Those who give themselves to the  rosary strive earnestly for perfection and sanctity, for only thus can they give God souls.

Ponder these things that you have heard in your heart. Keep the mysteries in your heart.

Practical tips on praying the rosary.
1. Pray the rosary daily privately or with friends and family. You can break it into parts.

2. Pray the rosary during the day

3. Use a book like ‘Holy Rosary’ to help you enter more deeply into each mystery.

4. When you see an image of Our Lady,, at home direct a glance at it and send her an affectionate interior prayer or greeting.

And a rosary quote that Pauline didn’t say but I like is:

The Rosary is the Bible on a String~Fr. Ronan Murphy

                              Peace,love and joy



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